A comedy sketch podcast for your father, sister and brother, also applicable to mothers.

About Us

This That & The Other is solely a comedy podcast with no other purpose than to make you laugh. Our topics and characters are wide, varied and often the product of deranged minds. Nobody has stopped us doing this yet, so we're going to continue until further notice. Abbreviated as TTATO by many upstanding members of society (Screamin' Larry), the podcast is bought to life by the following members:

Adam Lloyd (Twitter)

Voted Best Of Show at last year's Crufts, Adam has kicked off from this modest start to become the Sultan Of Breakfast and was voted Time Magazine's Most Truthful Person. When he's not winning at everything, he slums it with the below reprobates by writing scripts, performing and editing. He considers it a form of community service.

Patrick Heaviside (Twitter)

Hello folks. Loveable old Patrick here, I'm the nice one that does the funny voices on that thing you like "Everything, Nothing and Something."

I enjoy sleep, biscuits and unrelenting adoration.

The voices I do definitely aren't an expression of emergent personalities from souls I've consumed, living an unending torment in the interstitial vortex that bisects my larynx.


Sam Anderson (Twitter)

"Nice and unexpected."