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Series 2 Episode 06

March 4, 2019

The last episode of the series is here, but it is by no means the least. Today we take a look at the sorry history of relationship breakups, the Space Force reach a startling finale to their first season, and Time Town faces utter annihilation...again.

Running Order:

Breakfast Meeting

90's Anime Advert

Noooo 6

Auntie Vaxxer 6

Morris Dancers

Breakups Through The Ages

Space Force 6

Time Town 13

The Friend Song - Feat. Peter Fitzsimmons


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Written By: Adam Lloyd and Patrick Heaviside

Performers: Patrick Heaviside, Adam LloydSam Anderson, Peter Fitzsimmons


Opening/Closing theme - Ellis Breen, David Craddock

Time Town Theme - CJJC

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