A comedy sketch podcast for your father, sister and brother, also applicable to mothers.

Series 2 hits it's stride with a wisecracking swan in a deli, a suitably sozzled drunk hotline, and the oddest lunch you've ever experienced.

Running Order:

£50 Note

The Very Best Of Trevor

Don Swan

Time Town 10 - Early Alarm

Space Force 3 - Space Fish

Voice Thrower

Politibeat 3 - Jeremy Recant

Dial A Drunk - Feat. Peter Fitzsimmons

Noooo 3 - Dinner Party

Britain Frist (Danny Jeffs)

Weird Lunch

Auntie Vaxxer 3 - Tim

Straight Outta Oxbridge


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Written By: Adam Lloyd and Patrick Heaviside

Performers: Patrick Heaviside, Adam LloydSam Anderson, Peter Fitzsimmons


Opening/Closing theme - Ellis Breen, David Craddock

Time Town Theme - CJJC

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