A comedy sketch podcast for your father, sister and brother, also applicable to mothers.

We've made it to four episodes, and no one is stopping us yet! Let's listen to This That & The Other while it is still deemed acceptable by our significant betters.

Running Order:

Captain’s Log Pt1
Pet Psychic - Arnold The Hamster
Captain’s Log Pt2
Etiquette Show - Occult Crockery
Captain’s Log Pt3
Alan Keyes - Bungalow Betterment
Ran & Rick - Ruffts 2018
Captain’s Log Pt4
Inventor - Tubeamatronic Blowtrump
Unnecessary Cyborg
Captain’s Log Pt 5
Time Town - Ding & Dong
Captain’s Log Pt6
Gammon People

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Written By: Adam Lloyd and Patrick Heaviside

Performers: Patrick Heaviside, Adam Lloyd


Opening/Ending Theme - Bensound

Time Town Theme - Bensound

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