A comedy sketch podcast for your father, sister and brother, also applicable to mothers.

Another month, another TTATO episode. We're getting good at this consistency thing! Today we'll be exploring Crackerass Ridge with Russell Rambles, exploring what happens when you try and build and your own real life flesh lad, and exploring what will happen to the UK in the event of a famine. Today's episode features special guest Stuart Ashen! Yes, that Stuart Ashen! Listen without delay!

Running Order:

Automated Checkout 2

Prime Minister's Question Time

Lead In Your Pencil

Nostalgia Time 2


Don't Mind Me (Lee Back) 2


Tea Strainer

Monster Forecast 2

Mint In Box

Blokey Cokey

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Written By: Adam Lloyd and Patrick Heaviside

Performers: Patrick HeavisideAdam LloydSam Anderson, Stuart Ashen

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